Chris Sain – 100K Enjoy the Journey

12/27/2020LCAMerger vote on Dec. 29.
Target is $30, will go higher
#EasyMoneyExamples of #EasyMoney plays. 295% and 195% growth in less than a month.
#EasyMoneyPlays for this coming week, get in at $0.50 bellow actual price and get out after reaching 10% or 20% or better
12/17/2020LCA$30.00Prepare to add if it goes down.
Ride the breakout and sell 25 shares or 100.
Use SELL Trail Stop w/10%.
a) It could be the momentum before the PULLBACK
B) The momentum before it propels it forward when the news is announced.


January 29, 2021

Buy this stocks next week:


January 28, 2021


These stocks will double

January 28., 2021



Portfolio got to $150K, 

Another home run day. 

Please check this stock: 

DBX – Dropbox, at $23.32. 9.28% up during the day. It is quietly doing us money. 

ALLY – Ally’s at $36.45. CALL Option with Strike at $40. You get to know when to cut your loses. This is a time to get /ride it back with ALLY at $36.45 

M – Macy’s at $17.47. Today it got to $22+. It was $20 play. If you didn’t get a chance to sell, you will get another opportunity tomorrow or during the week. Sell everything. 

Word of the day: ARMY OF DOLLARS an army of dollar bills to work for you.

ChargePoint + WBA STOCK UPDATE 🔥🔥🔥


January 25, 2021


January 25, 2021

Portfolio at $146,269.44


I bought on BB

BB – Blackberry, at $19.55

GME – GameStop, at $77

APPl – Apple, at $143.21

HOME – At Home, at $25.07

#Part2 | Stocks To Buy Monday

January 24, 2021

Portfolio at $36,562.06

AAL – American Airlines, at $15.78. New target is $20.00. Due to slower than expected vaccine distribution. Hold to $20 or sell with small profit to replace with another play. Trailing stop 5% when at $20.

BA – Boeing Aircraft, at $206.40.

Market Correction: 7 to 10% in January or February.

GNOG – Golden Nugget, dont forget to buy more.

APXT – Apex Technology, do not forget to build your position.


January 24, 2021


Portfolio at $136,561.37

These two plays will double:

CLNE – Clean Energy, at $10.47. Build position under this price. Expect some volatility. Hopefully under $10.

NNDM – Nano Dimensions. at $14.82. Wait for the dip, expect volatility. Still, under $15 is good.

The name of the game is…BUY LOW!

PUT Options: GME – Gamestop. FCEL and NNDM.

Stocks to Buy Monday

January 23, 2021


Portfolio at $136,561.25

When your portfolio is down, it is an opportunity to buy more. Review your portfolio to select the plays that you reall want. Do not sell at a loss. Wait to breakeven or small profit.

These plays

TELL – Tellurian, at $3.39. Build your position under $3.25. Stay one or two weeks or if it gains 20%.

GNOG – Golden Nugget, at $20.00. Continue buying under $20.

APXT – Apex Technology, at $15.60. This will start taking off in February, we need to buy under $15.00

Best Penny Stocks Buy

January 23, 2021


Portfolio at $136,561.25

#EasyMoneyPlays for this week. Hold them for two weeks unles you make your profit(20-50%) earlier.

NNDM – Nano Dimensions, at $14.82. t an easy play but it is also a long term play.

IDEX – Ideanomics, at $3.58. Keep some shares for the long run.

BNGO – Bionano Genomics, at $10.19. Will get to $20

CLNE – Clean Energy Fuels, at $10.47. You can swap AAl for this, build position.

CRIS – Curis, at $10.86.


January 22, 2021


Portfolio at $136,461.24

Add to your positions anytime that you have a chance.

HOME – At Home, at $24.93

NIO – NIO, at $61.84. You should have this in your portfolio.

ALLY – Ally Financials, at $40.61. Update on Option play. Plan on beeing in this for two or three weeks and then start analyzing if you can take profits.


January 21, 2021

Portfolio at $135,204.13


HOME – At Home, at $24.75. Reached a 52 week high.

 4 Stocks Set to Explode

January 18, 2021


Portfolio at $132,066.17

These stocks are set to explode. Build a position of 125 shares.:

BAC – Bank of America, at $32.84. Financial sector. Build the position under $30 if possible. Look for the dip. CS with 51 shares at $29.78

DBX – Dropbox, at $22.15. Under $20. CS at 75 shares at $21.98.

GNOG – Golden Nugget, at $20.89. Buy zone for this stock. Buy under $20. CS at 315 shares at $13.69.

TTCF – Tattooed Chef, at $25.65. Under $23. CS with 125 at $2352.

STOCK LINGO: Margin Account. Do not use Margin Accounts. Only Cash account.

3 Stocks to BUY THIS WEEK 

January 17, 2021

#dividend #stock #robinhood

Portfolio at $132,065.93

Buy the following stocks this week. Entering #BuyZone

NIO – NIO , at $56.18. Buy under $55 down to $50. Build your position.

FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy, at $16.00. Buy at $15’s. CS with 200 shares @$10.10.

DBX – Dropbox, at $22.15. Try to catch under $21.00 CS with 75 shares at $21.98.

This Stock Will Double 

January 17, 2021


Portfolio at $132,066.76

Four stocks part of our Dividend Play:

MAIN – Main Street Capital, at $32.01. Monthly dividend. Put money on regular and consistent basis.

T – AT & T, at $29.13. Buy at any price. We are in this for the dividend.

BGS – B&G Foods, at $28.23. Quarterly dividend.

CSWC – Capital Southwest, at $18.29. Quarterly dividend. Add, add, add…

This stock is on its way to bouble. It is a good opportunity, it is in another buy zone:

DKNG – Draftkings, at $53.45. Buy under $50. Will double to $100. CS with 110 shares at $35.69

Best Penny Stocks 

January 16, 2021


Portfolio at 4132,067.39

Be ready for a #Correction at about 10% during January or begining of February.

This are the plays for this week. Pick one, two at the most.

FTFT – Future Finthech at $6.78. Try to get it under $5.

MRO – Marathon Oil, at $8.24. Get at this prie or lower.

SRNE – Sorrento Therapeutics, at $9.50

ZOM – Zomedica , at $0.9698, Get in, let it rise and then rinse and repeat.

New IPO’s: Robinhood is one, also STRIPE.


January 15, 2021

Portfolio at $132,005.25

Review your 100K portfolio. See which plays you can buy more.

Market will be closed on Monday.

One stock in particular that you need to buy:

FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy, at $16.00. We saw it tested $20. We want to see if it can reach 435 or more.

 Stocks I Bought This Week. Stocks I Sold 

January 15, 2021


Portfolio at $132,226.92


January 14, 2021


Portfolio at $136,766.52

FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy, at $17.30. We entered at $7. Is now coolong off. This pullback is a buying opportunity. Get in at $15 or $16

PLUG – Plug Power, at $66.07. Down on the day 4%. Is cooling off.


January 14, 2021


Portfolio at $13

M – Macy’s, at

APXT – Apex Technology, at $17.33. Getting ready to explode, will be another home run.



January 13, 2021

Another home run. Option Play.


I bought 100 shares of this stock. You should buy it to.

TTCG -Tattooed Chef, at $25.50. I purchased 100 at $23.52. Start building your position around $23. Will be a home run.

PLUG – Plug Power, at $69.10. We entered at $12. Over 400%. Big home run.

ANOTHER Homerun & Option Play

January 12, 2021


MOMO – at $15.42. #EasyMoney.

CALL Option Exp. Jan 15 Strike $15 at $0.76. Take profit as soon as it pops up.

FCEL – Home Run territory. Take profits. Put a Trailing Stop. Trail PCt. 5%, Initial Stop Price $18.10

STOCK LINGO: Trailing Stop Loss. Only put it when you are ready to sell. When you ar at 90 or 100% of your target.

These Stocks Will Double

January 12, 2021


Portfolio at $135,039.76

These two stocks are prepared to double:

WFC – Wells Fargo, at $34.05. They are back

GNOG – golden Nugget, at $20.42. Get back in under $20.


January 8, 2021


Portfolio at $126,834.82

GPS = Gap, at $21.42. Biggest loser of the week


January 8, 2021


Investment Portfolio at $125,678.90 Up 5% for the week

Prize for $10,000 Winer

DBOX- Dropbox, at $22.52, build your position under $20 or $21.


January 7, 2021

Investing Portfolio $123,395.51

UAVS – Ag Eagle Aerial Systems, at $8.55. We entered at $2.82 This was an #EasyMoneyPlay. Take profits now.

PLUG – Plug Power at$49.27. We bought this at $12.00. Do not buy now, buy FCEL.

NIO – INC ADR, at $55.35. Will go to $65.00. Buy PUT 1/22/2021 STRIKE $54.50 cost=$498.00


January 7, 2021

Investment Portfolio at $122,867.69

HYLN – Hyliion, at $17.78. We got it at $15.67. Build your position under $16.00. This is a $60 play, long term.

FCEL – FuelCell Energy, at $14.76.

STOCK LINGO: Uncertainity


January 4, 2021

Investment Portfolio at $114,995.85

Carzy day in the market today. People take profits LONG.

HOME – , at $15.77 This is a $30 play. It has consolidated around $15. Tskr profit and buy it back under $15

NIO – at $53.80.

TSLA – at $733.60

These Stocks Will Double

January 4, 2021

Investing Portfolio at $114,790.61

Today was a great day to buy at very good prices.

Options plays

GPS – , at $21.50 Call $0.06



January 3, 2021

Investing Portfolio at $116,308.86

Stocks to buy this week.

APXT – Apex Technology, at $15.09. Buy 125 shares ideally under $15 maybe $13.

AAL – American Airlines, at $15.82. Get your position under $12-$15

TTCF – Tatoo Chef, at$23.16. A lot of potential. Market cap only at 587 M.

High Dividend Growth Overview

January 3, 2021

Investing Portfolio at $116,314.50

Build your position on the following #DividendPlay Stocks:





PUT Options

QS – QuantumScape, at $74.70. This was a penny stock. It has grown so much, it has to go down. Buy PUT under $75 Strike. Buy when the market opens.


January 2, 2021

Take a few notes.

GNOG – Golden Nugget Online Gaming, at $20.29.

Opportunity of a lifetime. Symbol used to be LCA. Get in again under $20.00.

Build up the position.

Best Penny Stocks 

January 2, 2021

Investing Portfolio at $116,287.69

Have fun with penny stocks. Get in and get out.

BNGO at $4.00. Take profits. Wait until it graduate when yo can have Options.

QS – QuantumScape, at $74.70. PUT Option

LAZR – at $33.50, do not buy at this price. Take profits.

MVIS – Microvision, at$5.44. Wait for a pullback under $5.00.

CLNE – Clean Energy Fuels, at $8.03. Take profits.

MY ENTIRE $100,000 Robinhood Stock Portfolio Going into 2021

January 1, 2021

Investing Portfolio at $116,078.76

Robinhood will not allow to link two accounts with the same bank account.

Invest a minimum of $500 every two weeks into my portfolios

The following are the stocks that will build the High Growth Dividend Portfolio:





2020 Portfolio into 2021


NIO at $48.98

UBER at $

CGC – Canopy Growth at $

SBUX – Starbucks, at

DIS – Disney at $181.29

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices, at $91.59

APPL – apple Computer, at $132.71

FB – Facebook

MSFT at $222.50

NKE at $141.47

TSLA – at $704.69

HOME at $15.44

PLUG at $33.94

SBE – Switchback Energy at $40.14

DKNG – DraftKings at $45. It is $100 play

$100K Challenge Overview

December 31, 2020

Portfolio at $115,966.42


This day in the market…everybody takes profit or cashes their losses.

There will b

1:54 “January the market is going to get crushed…”

How much do we need to start this challenge? $500 to $2,000 and commit to deposit into the account whenever you can.

There will be multiple plays.

FCEL – FuelCell Energy, at $11.35, at this price or below(5:49).

MS – Morgan, at $68.53

HYLN – Hyliion, at $16.38. Long term, buy under $20(6:04).

APXT – Apex Technology, at $15.00. $20 to $60 play in the short term

M – Macy’s, at $11.25. Best to buy at $10 if possible. As soon as it doubles, we will move on.

AAL – American airlines, at $15.75. We will double the money and move on. Will not hold.

CCL – Carnival Cruise, at $21.66. Get it at a pullback at $20 or below.

WFC – Wells Fargo, at $30.14. Try to get it at $29 or below.

WBA – Walgreens, at $39.88. Buy under $40 or $38

BAC – Bank of America, at $30.29. Buy at $30 or below.

DBX – Dropbox, at $22.19

GNOG – Golden Nugget, at $20.20. Was LCA, it is time to get back in. It is still a $30 play and then off to the races.


December 30, 2020

Robinhood Portfolio = $117,953.80

FCEL – Today a good day. Up 7.66%, we got this at $7.72. This is going to be one of many “home runs” for 2021.

MAIN – at $32.66. Did you buy? Price is not important. Buy

T – at $28.48. good price to buy.

BGS at $28.28. Make sure to have this.

CSWC – at $17.38 anotheer dividend play. Buy

STOCK LINGO: Pay yourself first. How?

1st. Put money in your investment fund.

2nd. Put money in your 401K

3rd. HSA

Then… ROtH IRA and then Emergency Fund

I BROUGHT 100 Shares of this stock.

December 29, 2020

In this video I share details about our $0 to $100K Challenge and our High Dividend Growth Stock Challenge.

Dividend Challenge

Buy the shares tomorrow in order to get paid dividends. Look out for the “Ex-Dividend” date.





OPTIONS Always buy options at the stock low price of the day.

These Stocks Will Double

December 28, 2020


In this video I share an update on two stocks that are slowing picking up steam and the rotational shift occurring in the stock market.

APXT at $16.22


Load Up On This | High Dividend Growth Portfolio

December 28, 2020

2021 Double Challenge

I. 100K Challenge

New account in Robinhood starting from $0.00

II. Passive Income on Four Stocks.

In this video I share a new challenge that revolves around my High Dividend Growth Portfolio.

Four stocks to consider. Total investment of $10,000 on January 1, 2021. $2,500 each.

MAIN – Main Street Capital

T – AT&T

BGS – B&G Food

CSWC – Capital Southwest


Dec. 27, 2020

In this video I share an update on LCA STOCK and it’s upcoming merger date.

We got in this stock at $13.69, it is now at $26.00, almost 90%.

Merger vote will be hold on 12/29/2020.

$30 potential near term. Much higher in the long.

BEST Penny Stocks To Buy

Dec. 26, 2020


In this video I share a few easy money plays as well as review previous plays that have taken off. Lastly I cover Total Debt and how to look at it on a balance sheet.

Some examples of quick plays of the past, always “Get in and get out”:

QS – QuantumScape, at $114.66. On Dec. 3rd it closed at $38.55 and on Dec. 24th, it closed at $114.77. 297% in 14 days.

LAZR – Luminar Technologies, at $33.40. It closed at 17 on Dec. 1st, 195% in 23 days.

Pays for this week:

MVIS- MicroVision, at $6.59. Get in under $6.00 or at $5.50 or $5.75.

CLNE – Clean Energy Fuels, at $8.30. Similar play as PLUG and FCEL.

CLA – Colonnade, at $16.63. Get in before the merger, similar to LCA which should run to $60.

BFT – Foley Trasimene, at $15.35. This one stays in your “rotation”, not an #EasyMoney play.

STOCK LINGO: Balance Sheet – Total Debt

Stocks to Buy Monday

Dec. 25, 2020


In this video I discuss stocks to buy Monday as well as break down how to read balance sheets.

We must take advantage of the ‘holiday rally” or “Christmas rally”. Coming Monday, find any slippage, pullback, and by more or get in if you are not already in.

APXT – Apex Technology, at $16.55. We got in this at $13-$14. One more shot to buy more if you catch a dip or pullback. Target price is $20 before it goes higher.

AAL – American Airlines, at $15.67. Great buy zone, if you get it at $12 would be perfect. Buy more under your average cost.

M – Macys, at $10.70. Why Macys if they are going bankrupt. Closing stores is not a negative thing. Buy under $10. Target is $20

STOCK LINGO: Balance Sheet


Dec. 24, 2020


In this video I share 10+ stocks to buy and start a position around for 2021.

I have 10 plays for 2021, pick one or two. Do further due dilligence on those that you chose.

DKS – Dick Sporting Goods, at $55.59. P/E is very low, anything under 25.

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices, at $91.64 going with this instead of NVIDIA

UBER – at $52.75. Recovery stock.

TSLA – Tesla Motors, at $659.50 will have a big year in 2021. By the dip.

JMIA – Jumia Technologies, at $43.63. We bought this at $7-$8. Long term potential over 600%. Not only TSLA grew 600%

ABNB – AirBnb, at $155.59. Get ir under $99 or better. Let it crash, place some PUTs if needed.

SQ – Square, at $228.14. Over 250% in the year. SQ is planning to buy Tidal from Jay-Z.

BEEM – Beam Global, at $56.00

MS – Morgan Stanley, at $68.08

DIS – Disney, at $173.73. Recovery stock

AAPL – Apple, at $131.89. Buy the dip.

SBUX – Starbucks, at $101.92. Finally broke $100


Dec. 21, 2020

In this video I share my excitement for a play tat went to the moon today as well as give an update on NIO. We covered Call Options as well.

In this video I share an update on LCA, the upcoming vote and the day it was in the stock market 📈 today.

LCA- Landcadia Holdings, at $22.22, over 5% on the day. If you want to buy back, under $20 is the price. Target price is still $30



In this jammed packed video I share our next home run play, our next option play and more.

This is a short week, market will close Thursday at 1:00 PM EST.

LCA – Landcadia, we need to vote’

GPS – Gap Inc., at $0.53. CALL $21.50 Exp. 1/18/21

M- Macy’s, at $10.51. Get 125 shares under $10. Should be a quick home run.

CCL – Carnival, at $21. Option Buy Call $20 Exp. 12/31. Take profits when it pops.



Dec. 20, 2020

In this video I share another stock to consider loading up on that has great long term potential. I also discuss warrants as well

WBA – Walgreens, at $41.00. Long term. Will double. Watch it moving up to $50 and then $60 and on and on…


In this video I give guidance on our LCA play that is about to merge with Golden Nugget.

LCA – Landcadia Holdings, the merger should happen tomorrow. Target is still $30. It could go up or could go down.



In this video I share an update using the charts and celebrating our most recent home run plays.

PLUG – Plug Power, finally broke thru resistance and reahed $30. We were in under $9. It is time to celebrate and make money.

TSLA – Tesla Motors, tomorrow is the day. We’ll see what happens. I have had TSLA since $80s. Buy it when you can

STOCK LINGO: Psychology of Buying Low

Question of the day.: WashSale



Dec. 16, 2020

#dividend#stock#robinhood #$FB #$HYL

FB – FaceBook: At $275.67 “easy money stock”. Consider investing. Waiting to come back to $254 to add more. It is a $300 play.

HYL – Hyliion: At $16.75 Buy under $16

STOCK LINGO: Tax Write-Off

Dec. 16, 2020

In this video I share stocks to buy as well as stocks to sell. We hit $100K and have a jammed packed video for you on Pacing yourself in the stock market.

APXT – Apex Technology Acquisition Co.: At $14.32, BUY as many as you can under $13.50. Getting ready for take off. Try to build your position to 125 shares min.

ABNB – AirBandB: Sell as soon as possible. Will review when it is under $99.00

STOCKS TO BUY + STOCKS TO SELL🔥🔥🔥 | Stock Lingo: Pacing Yourself
THESE STOCKS WILL DOUBLE. BUY NOW🔥🔥🔥 | Stock Lingo: Discretionary Income

Dec. 15, 2020

In this video I share an update on our Call Option Play as well as 3 stocks that are set to double in the future

Stocks Mentioned will double pretty soon:

FCEL – FuelCellEnergy Inc.: At $8.12,

HYLN – Hyliion Holdings Corp.: At $15.84, it is a gift. It is a $60 play. Long term. Will double maybe triple.

APXT: At $13.64. Build your position to 125 shares. Short term price target of $20 and then reevaluate. By as close as you can at $13s

AAL – American Airlines: At $17.01, 2021 play. Load the position if you can buy under $16.

$500 Investment | How to Earn Monthly Dividend Income

In this video I invest $500 into an ETF beginner investors should consider, to generate monthly income. Checkout the video to see what ETF I established a position in. Let me know if you have this as part of your portfolio. Don’t forget to grab some free stock at my link below. ***Get FREE STOCK*** Robinhood 👉🏾 // B E S T-S E L L I N G B O O K S Dumb Athlete: Finding Real Love in the Love and Hip Hop Era: // S U B S C R I B E. New Videos Every Wednesday & Sundays Sub Count: 103 // F O L L O W Website | Instagram | @Chris Sain Jr. Facebook | Chris Sain Jr. Twitter | Chris_Sain // NEED HELP BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS? Coaching Session:… // PO BOX Chris Inc. | Grand CITY Sports, Inc. PO Box 68316 Grand Rapids, Mich. 49516 // C H R I S I’m Chris, a DEBT FREE Millennial, a 2 Time Best-Selling Author and I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. Over time, I have built a mini-empire in which I Coach-Consult-Speak-and-Write Books. I also work with Brands and Businesses on special projects. I founded a nonprofit, Grand CITY Sports, Inc. in 2008 where I work with promising youth, returning citizens and detention youth. Here on YouTube however, I teach entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to build a successful business, monetize their personal brand and become debt free. This channel takes you through my journey of building my business from the ground up, while sharing information on hardships, how I achieve success, build wealth, save and invest. I share all of this in hopes that it helps you in some way. EACH WEEK, the Deeper Than Sports series highlights some of the interesting parts of my week along with showing me purchasing #dividend#stock with the #robinhood app. My goal is to generate more passive income through purchasing shares of high quality dividend paying companies. Dividends are some of the most powerful tools for building passive and retirement income. Dividends are the life blood of executives, the wealthy and powerful which is why income on them is TAX FREE up to $38,600 (or $77,200 when filing jointly)! It’s not that difficult to get started building your very own portfolio that pays you money to sleep. Follow my journey and let’s create some wealth! Legal Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Before investing, please consult a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market in attempt to mirror what I do. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. Please be careful!

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