Should you hate the media?

Bill O Reilley | Jan. 19, .2020

Should You Hate the Media?

1975 was an exciting time to be at Boston University’s School of Public Communication. There we were, about 30 students seeking a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism. All of us thought our quest was noble, that we would become purveyors of truth, skilled fact-finders and truth-tellers in the Watergate tradition. The lessons presented were well worth the tens of thousands of dollars I had to pay for them. Forty-five years later, having reached the top of my profession, I generally despise my own industry, something I never could have predicted. Here’s why. The national TV press is presently controlled by six major corporations that use their vast power to profiteer while attempting to destroy ideological enemies. The coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency has proved that statement beyond any reasonable doubt. The stage was set early when a New York Times columnist wrote that because Mr. Trump was so loathsome (to him and his liberal colleagues), the basic tenets of fair journalism no longer applied. Get Trump was the new rule. The mandate of an honest journalist is to seek the truth, even if the facts of a story go against your personal belief system. It is wrong to simply publish accusation and allegations, you must scrutinize all charges. If you cannot find solid facts to prove a story, you then must balance it – giving both sides equal weight. Did that happen in the Russian-collusion situation? Of course not. The New York Times and Washington Post printed story after story damning the Trump operation. The network news and CNN took their cues from those liberal papers, constantly deriding the President and those who supported him. Then Special Counsel Robert Mueller blew it all up. Federal investigators could find no evidence of collusion. But no apology for unbalanced and fallacious coverage was heard from the corrupt national media. Instead, it segued into the shameful impeachment hysteria. Please understand this: the primary reason the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat members knew the national press would give them cover and blatant support. The media portrayed Adam Schiff and other anti-Trump zealots as heroes. This despite strong evidence the Ukraine whistle-blower secretly coordinated with Schiff, a blatantly political and deceptive act. From the very beginning, there was no balanced coverage of the impeachment story, no attempt to put forth both sides or to provide perspective. Mr. Trump was portrayed as guilty of “high crimes” in the Times and Post, as well as on television, in Hollywood, and in the publishing industry. Any high profile person who had the temerity to disagree was mocked or worse. The cold truth is that the men who preside over The New York Times and The Washington Post, and they are all men, believe THEY should be running the United States, not Donald Trump, who is a vulgarian in their eyes. These men well know the Democratic Party will blindly follow their editorial lead as will TV news executives at CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Thus, the so called “free press” in America has become an industry that now seeks power over Americans. The far left vision these operations usually champion cannot be realized at the ballot box, the bosses know that. So it must be imposed by destroying progressive opposition, which the media does with enthusiasm. Just ask Brett Kavanaugh. The key question is: how many of us realize what is actually happening with the dishonest, power mad media? Impossible to say. But for those who do understand the corruption, the danger to American freedom is obvious. And that is why I have come to despise my own industry. Posted by Bill O’Reilly


The Real Story of the Impeachment Madness

By: Bill O’ReillyOctober 16, 2019 | NewsmaxTV |

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Hey Bill O’Reilly here, this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax. The real story of the impeachment madness.

So Democrats believe that President Trump should not be president. That’s where we start. So for two years we had the Russian collusion situation and then the special counsel, Robert Mueller after spending 30 million dollars of taxpayer money came back and said, you know there really wasn’t any collusion. Obstruction of justice, I don’t know and on and on. It was a big nothing.

So Americans said, well all right let’s move ahead, President Trump has two more years but the zealots, the anti Trump forces said no way and now they’re trying to impeach the president over a phone call he made to the Ukrainian president. I’m not going to get into that because if you’re following the news, you know it’s just insane. All right.

But the real reason this is happening is about the U.S. Justice Department and a man named John Durham. That’s why impeachment is happening. So listen up. Attorney General William Barr appointed Mr. Durham, who is a respected U.S. attorney from Connecticut to investigate the origins and alleged crimes involved by federal agencies in the Russia collusion investigation. Mueller did not do that.

So Mr. Durham is now looking into FBI,CIA, State Department and Department of Defense, those four. The word is that John Durham is accumulating information at a rapid rate. The information says elements within the federal government were determined to ruin the Trump presidency by selective leaks to the press about stuff that may or may not be true.

Now, you know the head of the FBI, James Comey was fired, the assistant head of the FBI McCabe was fired and a whole bunch of other people are suspect. So if Durham comes back and he has the power to indict, so we think there’s a grand jury already in place. We don’t know for sure. This is ultra ultra secret.

But if Durham comes back with indictments against Comey, McCabe, people in the CIA, people in the State Department under Barack Obama, Department of Defense. If he says they did illegal things, the government’s gonna prosecute them. That’ll take a while and it’ll overlap the presidential election. President Trump can rightly say the government of the United States has indicted former Obama administration officials for trying to upend his administration and his campaign.

Donald Trump can make that a huge campaign theme.

So the anti Trump forces in the media and the Democratic Party cannot allow that to happen without something to balance it. Therefore, you have impeachment. Now I’ve said from the very beginning there’s no crime here. There’s no reason that a sitting president, no matter who he was or she was would be removed for trying to dig up dirt on a political opponent.

It’s not going to happen. Everybody tries to dig up dirt on their opponents. Now you don’t inject a foreign government but President Trump can rightly say, I was looking into corruption attached to the Ukrainian government that influenced the United States. And we know Joe Biden, we know that story.

So there is a legitimacy to the president’s position. I can’t read his mind. I don’t know what his intent was, but certainly what he says his intent was has to be taken seriously.

Now, the other thing about this impeachment thing this week is that all of the testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee is secret. The reason the Democrats are doing that, is they can leak little parts of the testimony out to the press to make it look like President Trump is being hammered in those hearings, when that might not be true.

You’re not supposed to leak and that’s what Durham is investigating but the congresspeople leak all the time. It’s different by the way, with a congressional leak than a FBI CIA leak. It is a different thing. Although you can get trouble if your congressperson leaking in the Ethics Committee, whatever that is.

So summing up, impeachment is being used to blunt the State Department investigation into massive corruption. Trying to undermine the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency. That will be the big story of 2020, in addition to the presidential race and it could help President Trump very much.

That’s the Talking Points Memo. I’m Bill O’Reilly for Newsmax. We’ll see you soon.

Nicolás Zarkosy, mensaje después de triunfar en su elección

⭕J⭕ Imperdible‼️
🎖El Ex-Presidente de Francia, Nicolás Sarkozy, se enfrentó con políticos de izquierda similares a los nuestros. A continuación lo que les dijo después de una votación que le fue favorable:

“Hoy hemos derrotado la frivolidad y la hipocresía de los intelectuales progresistas. De esos que el pensamiento único es el del que todo lo sabe, y que condena la política mientras la practica. Desde hoy no permitiremos mercantilizar un mundo en el que no quede lugar para la cultura: Desde 1968 no se podía hablar de moral.

Nos impusieron el relativismo: la idea de que todo es igual, lo verdadero y lo falso, lo bello y lo feo, que el alumno vale tanto como el maestro, que no hay que poner notas para no traumatizar a los malos estudiantes.

Nos hicieron creer que la víctima cuenta menos que el delincuente. Que la autoridad estaba muerta, que las buenas maneras habían terminado, que no había nada sagrado, nada admirable. El slogan era VIVIR SIN OBLIGACIONES Y GOZAR SIN TRABAS…

Quisieron terminar con la escuela de excelencia y del civismo. Asesinaron los escrúpulos y la ética. Una izquierda hipócrita que permitía indemnizaciones millonarias a los grandes directivos y el triunfo del depredador sobre el emprendedor.

Esa izquierda está en la política, en los medios de comunicación, en la economía. Le ha tomado el gusto al poder. La crisis de la cultura del trabajo es una crisis moral. Hay que rehabilitar la cultura del trabajo.

Dejaron sin poder a las fuerzas del orden y crearon una frase: se ha abierto una fosa entre la policía y la juventud: los vándalos son buenos y la policía es mala. Como si la sociedad fuera siempre culpable y el delincuente inocente.

Defienden los servicios públicos pero jamás usan transporte colectivo. Aman mucho a la escuela pública pero mandan a sus hijos a colegios privados. Adoran la periferia pero jamás viven en ella. Firman peticiones cuando se expulsa a algún invasor, pero no aceptan que se instalen en su casa.

Son esos que han renunciado al mérito y al esfuerzo y que atizan el odio a la familia, a la sociedad y a la república.

Hoy debemos volver a los antiguos valores del respeto, de la educación, de la cultura y de las obligaciones antes que los derechos. Estos se ganan haciendo valer y respetar los anteriores.
🎖 Nicolás Sarkozy

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