Media Suppresses the Money Behind BLM; The Fallacy of White Privilege; Schools Must Open in the Fall

Bill O’Reilly; July 13, 2020

Bill O’Reilly here, welcome to the No Spin News for Monday, July 13th, 2020. Stand Up for Your Country. Tonight, we’ll continue our investigation into the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. We have a good guest. You’ll learn things you don’t know.   But first, the lead story is how COVID is hiding the radical agenda. Now, stay with me here because it’s a little complicated, but important. Now, first of all, the president of the United States has been put off balance. So you may have noticed it, Donald Trump has lost a little of his swagger. He’s always been a guy that struck back against things he didn’t think were fair, but now he’s doing more of that. And on the COVID thing, he’s frustrated, and that’s the truth. I know it personally. So, Donald Trump is used to, if you read my book, the United States of Trump, controlling everything in his world, and he did that for the first three years of his presidency, he was in charge, he controlled. The pandemic comes in, he can’t control it and the American people are scared, many of them. And when people are frightened, they look to the government or their dad or their business, whatever it may be, to protect them. But nobody can protect us from COVID. It’s unique in that. So you can’t send in the army or the police. Can’t. There’s nothing you can do. And of course, the anti Trump press blames President Trump for the pandemic, for the contagion.   Now, that’s not fair. It’s not true. Maybe he could have done things better, but think about this, the president has kept the economy and the markets, particularly the stock market, fairly stable. I think that’s a pretty good accomplishment in the middle of a pandemic. Now, I’m not trying to promote Donald Trump. I’m trying to inject a bit of fairness here. So if you want to think that President Trump has booted it on COVID, that’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it. But the fact is that Donald Trump has been worn down. Put yourself in his shoes, just six months ago he thought he had reelection like that. He had a booming economy running against a weak opponent. OK. Trump thought he was just going to skate right on in there. And then, wham, this happens. He’s frustrated. We’ll get into that in a little while.   Now, I’ve said if the schools don’t open in the fall, Trump loses, and I’m sticking to that, which is why there is so much urgency on the part of the federal government to get these schools open. We’ll get into specifics on the schools in a little while. The next thing is that there is a radical left movement. You all know it. I mean, we’ve been going over it and over it and over it. But that is being obscured by COVID because instead of reporting honestly on the radical left movement, the networks and a lot of the cables just do COVID all day and they ignore the danger, and I mean that literally, from Marxist groups and anarchists. I mean, they ignore it and are not going to report it. We do. But we look for pickup. Got a little bit of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, we got a little, we got it out there, but it wasn’t easy.   And finally, many of you voters in America are absolutely clueless. A, they’re panicked over COVID. B, they don’t pay attention. C, it’s all about them, not about the country. And so you’ve got a big, big cordray voters who well, on Thursday, they’re going to vote for Biden, but maybe not on Saturday, Trump. They’re back and forth, they swing, which is why you see the polls, which don’t mean anything now. And finally, the backlash against the radical left and against the anti police movement has been delayed because of COVID. If there was no COVID, these people could never get away with what they’re trying to pull. I mean, we are seeing hundreds of people shot in major cities across the country and the networks ignore it, mostly ignore it. If there wasn’t any COVID, they couldn’t do that.   Now, you’ve heard me talk about white privilege and this is going to lead into our segment on the Marxists Black Lives Matter Lobal Foundation. So white privilege, I have never bought into. All right. I have always told you for years, it’s not true. What is true is economic privilege and there’s no doubt about that. If you have money or your family has money or you inherit money, you have privilege attached to that asset. It’s all about money, not skin color. I’ve always said that it is harder for an African-American to pursue happiness in this country than a white American. That is true because there are bigots that play the skin color game. It doesn’t matter there on all sides, because whites are the majority. So here on Long Island, where I live, for many, many years, if you were a upper black family, there were certain neighborhoods you couldn’t buy into. All right, that was wrong. And the reason was, as again I write in the United States of Trump, because his father, Trump’s father, was involved with this, economic. That they thought of black families moved into certain neighborhoods, property values would go down. OK. So there is economic privilege and it’s a corrupter. How many rich people do you know? I know a lot and some them I’d like to slap upside the head because they’re so arrogant. Why are you arrogant? Because you have money? You know it. It exists. OK, but white skin color privilege is a myth.   Enter 19 year old Rav Arora. This kid’s a genius. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, and he’s a writer. He sells his articles to a number of publications. So he researched white privilege. Ready? And again, it’s always good to watch this broadcast with a pen and paper. He found out four things that just blow the white privilege theory out of the water. Number one, according to statistics from the US Census Bureau, several minority groups in America out earn white people. They earn more money than white people. These are the groups, ready? Pakistani Americans, Lebanese American, South African Americans, Filipino Americans, Sri Lankan Americans and Iranian Americans. And the number one group in the United States for earnings, India, Indians. They earn more money than anyone else. None of those groups except for South Africa, are white based. None of them. Second, black immigrant groups have a median household income above the American average. Who are black immigrant groups? Nigerian’s, Barbadians, Ghanians, Trinidadians, all have higher incomes than the average American. And because whites are more than blacks and Hispanics, that’s the factor.   Third, Nigerian Americans are one of the most educated groups in America, according to a study by Rice University. They only make up one percent of African-Americans, Nigerians, one percent. Yet they are represented at the Harvard Business School at a rate of 25 percent of black students. So no wonder they are out earning whites, Nigerian Americans. I didn’t know any of this and I know you didn’t know any of it. And thanks to Rav Arora, we now know it. And finally, 16 million white Americans, almost twice as many as black Americans live in poverty. Now, that’s a little skewed because black Americans are 13 percent of the population and whites are 50 something, close to 60 percent. It’s a little skewed. But it goes against if you’re white, you have privilege. OK. That’s what it goes against. So, the white privilege argument, this is why I’m even bothering with it. Kids hear this, black kids, and it builds in to their thinking process, they’re immature,  but so are most adults, that they’re victims. Because whites have privilege, they the black kids don’t have privilege and they can’t succeed. They’re victims of a biased system and that creates grievance. Oh, I flunk because I’m black. Oh, you didn’t hire me because I’m black. Oh, you were rude to me because I’m black and you have white privilege.   Nobody has done this to me because they’re afraid of me, but if anybody ever said to me, Hey O’Reilly, check your privilege, the mature O’Reilly would say, hey, why don’t you take your stupid theory and whatever. I probably wouldn’t use a euphemism, but I would state my objection. I grew up in Levittown, New York, as many of you know. It was a you couldn’t get more humble beginnings than that. I guess you could, but it would be hard. OK. I didn’t have any money and nobody in the neighborhood had any money, that’s why they were living in Levittown. My father bought the house for eight thousand dollars in 1951. So this white privilege nonsense is corrosive to the country because it creates another generation of victims. The blacks grow up, not all of them, certainly not Nigerians, and they say I can’t make it. Why should I even try?   Now, part of the dissemination of black propaganda, or propaganda directed toward blacks is the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation. So in Milwaukee, the head of the crew there, Patrick Benjamin, recently wrote an article June 21st, it said dear white people, if you have ever said any of these things then you are part of the problem, and he lists the most absurd stuff like everyone struggles, being white has never been one of those struggles. Being poor is a struggle. It’s just garbage. The article is just garbage. But the basic premise is that white people are oppressive and that’s what the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation sells. Skin color. Caucasian oppressive. One final note. Skin color should not be in any debate, and it is in the Washington Redskins and we’ll get to that in a little while. Should not be in any debate. Skin color does not matter. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best. It’s the content of your character. OK. This right here, it doesn’t matter. And if you inject skin color in any way, shape or form into the debate, you’re going to be marked, number one, ostracized and you’ll lose the debate. You’ve got to really cut through this and get into education. Get into the system in America that requires competition and how to compete.   All right. Let’s bring in Scott Walter. He is the president of the Capital Research Center in Washington, D.C., and his group, the Capital Research Center, has been investigating the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, which is different from the slogan. So the slogan Black Lives Matter doesn’t have anything to do with what Mr. Walter and me, what we are investigating. It is the organization. So last week, the CRC uncovered Susan Rosenberg’s ties to a group called Thousand Currents. I’m not going to go over all the investigations that we’ve done, but just suffice to say that the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation runs money through Thousand Currents, based in Oakland, California. And this Susan Rosenberg is a co chairwoman of that group and she is a convicted terrorist, a violent woman who served hard time in a federal penitentiary. I didn’t know that, but Mr. Walter and his crew found that out. He joins us now from Washington. When you ran that article, and I saw it on Real Clear Politics, what kind of reaction did you and your organization get, Mr. Walter?   “Well, we got a very nice reaction from conservatives who were shocked and appalled to hear about Ms. Rosenberg’s background. We got deafening silence from The Washington Post, The New York Times, all the television networks, etc., although, I should say, Tucker has mentioned it, though. That would be the one exception.”   Were you invited on any programs?   “No, not to discuss, Miss Rosenberg.”   Were you invited on any programs to discuss the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation?   “Nope.”.   Outside of us, did you see any other original reporting on the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation?   “Maybe an occasional detail added here and there, again, only by conservative outlets, though, online.”   OK, so do you believe that the corporate media, Disney, AT&T, Comcast, these people, they don’t want Americans to know what BLM Global Foundation is? Do you believe that?   “I do believe that, especially in the case of Disney, who is going to have a big Colin Kaepernick show, right?   Well, they’ve offered him a first look, but I don’t even think Colin Kaepernick knows what the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation is. I don’t think all these people running around under this banner know anything about the three Marxist women who founded it, but I could be wrong. Maybe they do and they don’t care.   “I’m sure there’s more ignorance than knowledge. But you’re right, they wouldn’t care that much. It seems to be very hard to embarrass the left, especially when they get to keep so many things silent.”   All right. Now, the big news organizations, they’re going to black out, and I think I can use that word blackout, but CNN may have it on their list, they’re going to not tell the American public, this is a Marxist organization that seeks to overthrow the federal government and impose communism. And the three women admit it. Do they not, the three founders?   “They are, in their own words, trained Marxists. And certainly, Miss Rosenberg, the cochairman of that pass through that you mentioned, Thousand Currents, where the money flows through, the only repentance she had for all of her violent terrorism in the 70s, 80s, her one regret was she did not shoot back against the cops.”   She wanted more violence against the police. Do you believe that if this were a front page story on The Washington Post and that ABC News and CBS and NBC picked it up and led with it on their nightly newscasts and said, you know, you really should know that this Black Lives Matter global foundation, which drives the Black Lives Matter protests, because it does, they’re Marxists and they want to overthrow the government. Do you think that Americans would care?   “Sure, the average American, of course, is appalled by that kind of radicalism and especially, you know, extremism is really extremist when it’s violent.”   When you reported the link between this violent convicted terrorist, Rosenberg and Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, you would think that that would be a story that gets picked up. Did you send it to the AP? Did you send your stuff out?   “Oh, yes. No, we’ve sent it out, and in fact, our influence watch .org website, which is sort of Wikipedia of the left, for many of these groups, we’re on the first page of Google results. They don’t even know, they can ignore us, they can just go to Google and find the same info from us.”   So it is on social media, but it isn’t in the corporate media. Final question, calls for an opinion on your part. Why would Disney and Comcast and AT&T, which runs CNN, why would they want to promote communism, to promote people who would seize their assets, who would destroy their corporations? Why would they want to promote them?   “Well, I think it’s a combination of guilt, because to the extent they think about this, they feel guilt ridden and paralyzed. And then also it’s the fruit of all these decades of horrible education that we’ve given people. I mean, if you’re a 30 something powerful executive somewhere, you’re brainwashed almost certainly from the education you got.”   You don’t see that as a threat, the Marxists?   “You think that that’s just the, you think it’s reality. Oh, well, of course, this is the way the world works. We all know that and I kind of feel bad because, gosh, I have an awfully nice place in Greenwich, Connecticut, where I commute down to Manhattan, to my offices.”   All right. I don’t know. You know, there’s something corrupt, obviously, in the press, it’s at the most corrupt point in our history, in my opinion. But, Mr. Walter, we hope you keep investigating and we really appreciate the good work you have done so far. Thanks for appearing tonight.   “Thanks so much, Bill.”.   OK. All right. So I said at the top program that President Trump is demoralized by COVID. I think that’s true. He’s lost a little bit of swagger. He may get it back. Just today, the federal government fast tracked two companies who are working on vaccines. If the vaccine hits, then the whole election process turns around. If COVID is diminished, that helps Trump dramatically. But to back up my statement about him being a little bit demoralized, we found this piece of tape. Go.   “To rescue the U.S. economy from a horrible event that was formed, took place in China and came here and they could have stopped it. They could have stopped it. Nobody likes to write that, but they could have stopped it. They know it and I know it.”   He is really, really angry about that. Now, his opponent, Joe Biden, is a very interesting study. All right. So both Trump and Biden have something in common, they both are fixated on the corporate media. They just zero in on whatever the corporate media is doing. So the corporate media is telling Biden, you’re winning. Joe, you’re winning big. That’s what you’re telling him with all these ridiculous polls. Trump is a little bit worried about the election. No doubt about it. Biden is now feeling really strong, so strong that he is now adopted many of the things that socialist Bernie Sanders was demanding. He’s adopted them in his platform, which would have been inconceivable six months ago. One of the really disturbing things that Mr. Biden has adopted is an anti police posture. Roll tape.   “Surplus military equipment for law enforcement, they don’t need that. The last thing you need is an up armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military’s invading. They don’t know anybody. They become the enemy. They’re supposed to protecting these people.”   All right. So, what does that mean? That because some police agencies have military type equipment, they’re the enemy of the people? I can’t remember the last time the military type equipment, the Humvee, was actually used. I’m sure that there were times, but I can’t remember one off the top of my head. And if they were used, there would be some kind of insurrection, that would be the only way that they would be called out, like the riots after George Floyd. Yeah, the military needed equipment to protect the people and the property, didn’t they, Joe?   Now, here’s what’s really interesting about this, that Biden back in 1994 was the co-sponsor of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. What did that do? It provided a hundred thousand new police officers in America. Ten billion dollars more for prison funding. Six billion for prevention programs, crime prevention. And it created 60 new death penalty offenses. 60. Joe Biden was the tough on crime guy. Now he’s the, well police are enemies if they use force, military force in the protection of their communities. They’re the enemy. It’s not like they’re riding through the Southside of Chicago, Joe, in the Humvees. They’re not doing that. They should do it, but they’re not. So Biden has staked out now a territory that is far, far left. And again, it’s not reported in the media. Most folks don’t even know it.   OK. Let me give me a few examples. Climate change, 1.7 trillion dollar investment on the part of the federal government in climate change and stuff that they want to buy, like windmills and solar panels. $1.7 trillion. So we got a 28 trillion dollar debt now. If you add up all the stuff that Biden / Bernie want, we owe 35 to 40 trillion. OK, now to keep the dollar from collapsing, because it will, that means all your savings, all your IRAs, all of that, halved because the dollar is not worth as much. That’s what’s going to happen. They’d have to seize, they the Biden administration, private property. Wealth tax. Tax on your car. You already have a tax on your car, you have more of a tax. Tax on everything in order to pay this insane stuff. They want free college, free pre-K, they’d run small business out of existence with the home leave. I mean, it’s everything Bernie Sanders was screaming about, the reason he didn’t win, Biden says, yeah, it’s OK with me. And the final thing, remember when Biden raised his hands and yeah, I’ll pay for the health expenses of illegal aliens, people who violate our immigration laws? I want to pay for all of their health care expenses. Remember that? That was the real Joe Biden. Now, do you think the American voter getting called up on a poll knows any of this? They don’t know it. Do they care? I don’t even know if they care.   Back to school. OK, so if the schools are shut down across the United States, Biden will be president. It’s not going to happen. The Bush administration, the Bush, the Trump administration, is going to try to encourage as many districts as possible to open, and they will succeed. OK. But the biggest union and the teachers, the National Education Association, NEA, far, far left. Three million teachers, administrators and other education professionals members. They said we’re not going open, too dangerous. Now, why are they doing that? It’s not dangerous in North Dakota. Not dangerous in Montana. Not dangerous in Alaska. And here in New York, we had for the first time, no deaths over the weekend from COVID. So let’s pray it holds here. Sun Belt, bad, bad. But the NCAA says, hey, there’s no way we’re opening schools, not happening, because they want Trump to lose. Not because of any protection. The way it should be handled is that each district, in conjunction with the state capital, decides. So if the crazy left Washington State doesn’t open, okay, okay with me. Let those people there who elected these loons, let them deal with that. But here in New York, with the COVID thing is tamped down at this point, got to open. You’ve got to have masks and you’ve got to have distance. You’ve got to have everything you can have. But one kid gets it, front-page hysteria.   Look, in Europe they opened the schools months ago. They haven’t had any problem in Austria and Norway and Belgium and Finland and Denmark. So right now, President Trump is a cipher on the COVID. He used to have the daily briefings, which were, I don’t know, in the beginning, they were all right then they got ridiculous. President Trump, why don’t you invite all the ministers of education from the European nations that have opened their schools to Washington for a two day conference on how you did it? What did you do? If COVID didn’t explode in Western Europe, talking Italy, places that were really impacted, if it didn’t explode, what did they do? Let’s have it. Let’s have the conference and let President Trump take the leadership of that. It shows he’s doing something. Why do I have to think this up? Why? That should be one of his advisers, Betsy DeVos, the education secretary. Mr. President, let’s get all these guys over here and gals and find out what they did and we can do it. So summing up on the school, each district decides. You’ve got a real problem in a certain district, you can’t do it. But I’d say 80, 85 percent of American school districts could open with a minimal risk, responsibly. So let’s go, because you can’t be punishing the children, which is what you do if you don’t let them go back to school in September.   OK. Now, the press does not want the schools to open. This is another corruption of the press. They don’t want it, and again, one kid gets it, bang, oh, it’s awful. So if you’re in Florida, and that’s a bad place right now for COVID, and you open, which the governor says he’s going to do, and one kid gets it or one teacher gets it, they’re going to ram that down your throat because they don’t want, the press doesn’t want the schools open. Because the same thing with the NEA, they know that Trump will get hurt, but the schools don’t open because the psychology is we’re not defeating the virus. We’re not making progress. This is a psychological thing as well as a physical thing.   OK, Roger Stone. I don’t care about Roger Stone, I don’t know Roger Stone. He lied, but he lied in a bogus case, the Russian situation. Do I care that his sentence was commuted? I don’t care. Pardoned Stone’s record, should he go to jail, he’s an old guy? I don’t care. When Trump pardoned him, he’s Trump’s friend, I said, alright, there’s a little loyalty there, I don’t care. President Obama commuted thousands of people’s sentences, thousands. Trump is at, I think, less than 100. One of them was Chelsea Manning, the former army private who leaked secrets about the military, putting our military in danger. Obama didn’t pardon him, commuted the sentence, her. OK. Any outcry? Nope. On a couple of anti-Obama people didn’t like it, but nothing in the press.   So Mitt Romney says that Stone’s commutation is a historic corruption. Governor, look, I’ve known you for a long time, you’re embarrassing yourself now. You’re embarrassing yourself. I know you hate Donald Trump. You want Biden and the Democrats to gain power? Is what you want, Governor? I’m calling you governor because you’re the governor of Massachusetts, now you’re the senator of Utah. I guess I should call you senator. Is that what you want? Really? Do you really want that? Awful. Awful. John Kasich, former governor of Ohio, hates Trump. I know John real well. Roll his tape.   “Yeah, he’s losing momentum and you know, the thing about Tulsa that was interesting here, and I just saw a few of the clips. You saw people like looking at their watches and people were yawning and reaching across. And, you know, I’d say four years ago, people were kind of transfixed by this show, but the show’s kind of winding down.”   You want Biden there, John? Is that what you want, the Democrats in there? The Democrats who destroyed your state, state of Ohio? You put it back together. You want Democrats again? I don’t get it. Washington Redskins are going to change their name because FedEx, which sponsors the stadium to the tune of 200 million dollars, told Dan Snyder, the owner of the team, you’ve got to change the name. So Dan says, $200 million, I think will change day. Here’s my name for the new Washington team, the Washington Spinners. I hope the R&B group doesn’t sue, but the Washington Spinners. That’s what I would name them.   This day in history. June 13th, 2013. Seven years ago. The Black Lives Matter movement began and it was because George Zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder and manslaughter for taking the life of Trayvon Martin. Seven years ago, Black Lives Matter began. Quick break and back with mail and a Final Thought. The Final Thought is about taking urchins to dinner last night. Wait till you hear this, right back.   Many of us have worried that our 401Ks and retirement savings, everything we worked for over a lifetime could evaporate. 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So please join more than one million fellow Americans right now at And yes, I am a member. Visit   Let’s get some mail. Renee Sethness. San Antonio, Texas. Stay safe down there, Renee. “Love the podcast. You are the first one I’ve heard give a theological explanation on socialism. This is a very honest, sound and religiously documented argument to use when people try to portray Jesus as a socialist.” Look, the Catholic Church for about 150 years has said no. Marxism, communism, no. You cannot seize private property.   Steven Bryn. Old Greenwich, Connecticut. “You keep mentioning the upcoming election will not be about Trump vs. Biden, but Trump versus Trump. Can you please explain?” Stephen, I’ve done that, but I’ll just give you a brief recap. Nobody’s jumping up and down to say I want Joe Biden to be president. Not even the Democrats. Nobody’s jumping going we’ve got we got to have Joe. This is a vote for President Trump or against him.   Doreen Doyle. Lake Worth, Florida. “Bill, is it true if Biden wins and is declared incompetent and then his V.P. is impeached, Pelosi would be president?” Doreen, you got a good imagination, none of that’s gonna happen, but Pelosi is third in line. Speaker of the House, third in line to be president. Fred. And Gerald Ford, he got promoted to vice president and became president after Nixon left.   “The debates will make a huge difference in the opinions of voters. Just as JFK versus Nixon did in the past. There will be an overwhelming victory for Trump in November. I would bet on this.” Well, if you read my column and I hope you do, entitled ‘Backlash,’ you may be right. But I wouldn’t, you know, Biden may rise to the debate occasion. A little shaky, but, you know.   David Schott. East Amherst, New York. “Please explain the fear of lawsuits as a reason for closing and more lockdowns. How could any lawyer prove it was a source of a client’s contagion?” Doesn’t have to prove it. They’ll sue Disney, they’ll sue anybody. Disney is making you sign a waiver and hope for a settlement and run up the costs. Well, if you’re a small business owner, you can’t afford to defend yourself. So they want money, money, money, money. That’s what it’s all about.   Kathleen. Concierge Member. Thank you, Kathleen. “I hope President Trump weighs in on the Durham report.” Can’t. The president’s got to stay away from the Justice Department or the whole thing becomes tainted.   Doug. Concierge Member. “The problem is that two million people are leaving New York because it’s a mess, will move to other states and vote the same way they did in New York, electing idiots. It’s called California, Californiafication. True. Some people elected these idiots will go down to North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and they’ll vote for idiots there.   Linda. “If New York goes bankrupt, do the rest of us have to bail them out?” No. Up to the federal government. Don’t have to bail out.   Susan. “When are you moving out of New York?” Susan, I hope I don’t have to. I got family and friends. I got stuff I have to do here. I don’t want have to move out, but, you know, there’s only so much I can take.   Josie. “Lucky enough to catch you on the Hannity radio program. You two have a lot of fun. Enjoy the back and forth banter.” We have it posted. All right. Some I’m on there every Wednesday with Hannity.   D.C. Seward. Arlington, Massachusetts. “I’ve been a fan a long time, I want to thank you for your recommendation on the show Bluebloods. We have even started holding Sunday dinners because of it.” You know, it’s really a good show. Good acting, good everything.   Mike Oberhaus. Fulton, Missouri. “I ordered my stickers last week, can’t wait to pass them out. One thing I observed in my community is a lot more people are flying flags.” This is the backlash. It’s Is coming. Stickers. I’ll tell you about him right now. OK. Throw them on up there. Stand Up for Your Country. You buy packs of 5, 10, you give them out. You put them on your backpack, wherever you want to put them. Statement, statements, statement, we don’t kneel. has them. Word of the day, no codswallop when writing to us. Quick break. Back with me taking the urchins out for dinner last night.   Hey, I want to tell you about gold and silver. This is a silver bar. If you do this every day with this, you get big biceps. So I use the American Hartford Gold Group and they’ve been with us for years. It’s a good crew. So gold and silver is a good investment, I think, as a hedge against everything, because it maintains value. And the folks at American Hartford Gold Group, they make it easy to buy, and I like easy. $1,500 of free silver is available to you, free silver on your first order. Yeah, there’s a minimum for that, but check it out. I want you to go give them a call. Again, that’s 877-444-GOLD gold. Or text gold to 65532.   All right. Here’s the Final Thought of the Day. So, last night I took a few urchins out for dinner and we sat outside. OK, so they’re on the phones, and I go oh, we sit down, no phones. Conversation. We’re talking. Talk about anything you want, even it’s probably dopey, I’ll participate. OK. Oh, they were oh phones. You could see their hands like, I don’t know. So all the phones are lined up on a table and there’s this big beetle that goes across. I take one of the phones and I crush the beetle with the phone. I mean, I thought this kid was going to have a massive heart attack and he had a little cover on the phone. I took the napkin, I wiped it off. I said, hey, your phone’s a lethal weapon. That beetle would be alive today if not for your phone. But they were all throughout the meal, it was like…and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed torturing them because you don’t use the phone and mealtime ever. They were shocked. They were looking at Spencer with pity in their eyes, and he’s my son and they were going, oh, how could you live under this cruel regime where we can’t have our phones at dinner. Anyway to get revenge, they over ordered, they ran up a big tab. So they got me in the end. We’ll see you tomorrow.  
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caroline r.-54745029 July 13, 2020 at 10:05 PM George Soros is raising his ugly head in Texas!!!! You keep saying “money, money, money”. Well, that’s how Soros is trying to win elections for Dems in Texas. “There oughta be a law” ! Robert F.-97863538 July 13, 2020 at 9:36 PM I have no supporting evidence, but I would suspect that the majority of whites NEVER bought into the “white privilege” myth. They may be afraid to publicly acknowledge it, fearing physical, economic or social reprisals at a time when our society is beginning to resemble the former Soviet Russia. Economic privilege is a fact of life. It is only common sense that the greater your economic resources, the greater your ability to indulge in the benefits of that economy. I fail to see the necessity of pointing that out constantly unless one perceives it as undesirable or even evil. There are many neighborhoods that I “can’t buy into”, because they are too expensive. I don’t resent it. I don’t cry for wealth redistribution. I look at economic privilege as the prime motivator in a capitalist society, to educate oneself, work hard and achieve success. It isn’t something of which to be suspicious or to denigrate. It’s a positive thing. But PLEASE, STOP the MLK quotes about not judging people by skin color, but by character content, when our own government has for decades, sanctioned and encouraged affirmative action programs that have favored minorities in the realm of jobs and education, based precisely on skin color. It just adds insult to injury. One last point: a feasible name entry for the Washington Redskins team would be the Washington MERCENARIES. Mercenaries are tough, brave, determined, possessing all the right qualities for a team. They also do EVERYTHING based on PROFIT. Brett R. July 13, 2020 at 9:33 PM Where is the Durham report, both you and Brett Tolman said this Summer. Is that no longer accurate? Visit the Message Boards
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The Real Story of the Impeachment Madness

By: Bill O’ReillyOctober 16, 2019 | NewsmaxTV |

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Hey Bill O’Reilly here, this is the Talking Points Memo for Newsmax. The real story of the impeachment madness.

So Democrats believe that President Trump should not be president. That’s where we start. So for two years we had the Russian collusion situation and then the special counsel, Robert Mueller after spending 30 million dollars of taxpayer money came back and said, you know there really wasn’t any collusion. Obstruction of justice, I don’t know and on and on. It was a big nothing.

So Americans said, well all right let’s move ahead, President Trump has two more years but the zealots, the anti Trump forces said no way and now they’re trying to impeach the president over a phone call he made to the Ukrainian president. I’m not going to get into that because if you’re following the news, you know it’s just insane. All right.

But the real reason this is happening is about the U.S. Justice Department and a man named John Durham. That’s why impeachment is happening. So listen up. Attorney General William Barr appointed Mr. Durham, who is a respected U.S. attorney from Connecticut to investigate the origins and alleged crimes involved by federal agencies in the Russia collusion investigation. Mueller did not do that.

So Mr. Durham is now looking into FBI,CIA, State Department and Department of Defense, those four. The word is that John Durham is accumulating information at a rapid rate. The information says elements within the federal government were determined to ruin the Trump presidency by selective leaks to the press about stuff that may or may not be true.

Now, you know the head of the FBI, James Comey was fired, the assistant head of the FBI McCabe was fired and a whole bunch of other people are suspect. So if Durham comes back and he has the power to indict, so we think there’s a grand jury already in place. We don’t know for sure. This is ultra ultra secret.

But if Durham comes back with indictments against Comey, McCabe, people in the CIA, people in the State Department under Barack Obama, Department of Defense. If he says they did illegal things, the government’s gonna prosecute them. That’ll take a while and it’ll overlap the presidential election. President Trump can rightly say the government of the United States has indicted former Obama administration officials for trying to upend his administration and his campaign.

Donald Trump can make that a huge campaign theme.

So the anti Trump forces in the media and the Democratic Party cannot allow that to happen without something to balance it. Therefore, you have impeachment. Now I’ve said from the very beginning there’s no crime here. There’s no reason that a sitting president, no matter who he was or she was would be removed for trying to dig up dirt on a political opponent.

It’s not going to happen. Everybody tries to dig up dirt on their opponents. Now you don’t inject a foreign government but President Trump can rightly say, I was looking into corruption attached to the Ukrainian government that influenced the United States. And we know Joe Biden, we know that story.

So there is a legitimacy to the president’s position. I can’t read his mind. I don’t know what his intent was, but certainly what he says his intent was has to be taken seriously.

Now, the other thing about this impeachment thing this week is that all of the testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee is secret. The reason the Democrats are doing that, is they can leak little parts of the testimony out to the press to make it look like President Trump is being hammered in those hearings, when that might not be true.

You’re not supposed to leak and that’s what Durham is investigating but the congresspeople leak all the time. It’s different by the way, with a congressional leak than a FBI CIA leak. It is a different thing. Although you can get trouble if your congressperson leaking in the Ethics Committee, whatever that is.

So summing up, impeachment is being used to blunt the State Department investigation into massive corruption. Trying to undermine the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency. That will be the big story of 2020, in addition to the presidential race and it could help President Trump very much.

That’s the Talking Points Memo. I’m Bill O’Reilly for Newsmax. We’ll see you soon.

Bill O’Reilly: Bill’s Weekly Column – The Ignorance Factor

Bill O’Reilly: Bill’s Weekly Column – The Ignorance Factor | September 16, 2019

Many Americans, including this one, are perplexed by some disturbing opinions being put forth in this country.  

Let’s start with a recent Gallup Poll that says 43 percent of Americans, including 52 percent of democrats, believe it was a mistake to send U.S. troops to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attack.

If you remember, the mass murder was enabled inside Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden and his outlaw al Qaeda militants were based.  The terrorists trained on Afghan soil and were protected by the Taliban government.
After the 9/11 murder, President George W. Bush demanded the Taliban arrest bin Laden and hand him over for prosecution under threat of U.S. and NATO invasion, which is exactly what happened after the Taliban refused to take action against al Qaeda. 
Subsequently, Afghanistan has been an ongoing problem and fair-minded people can debate the policy there.  But to say troops should not have removed the criminal Taliban in the first place, is absolutely irresponsible.  

If the USA did not avenge the al Qaeda attack, terrorism would have increased everywhere and President Bush would likely have been impeached.

And then there’s private property, which is protected from government seizure by the Constitution.  According to polling on, about 35 percent of democrats support the socialist proposals of either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.  Both presidential candidates have made it clear they would impose a “wealth” tax on the assets of affluent Americans.  That is seizure of private property because those assets have already been subjected to tax.  
Finally, there is now acceptance in liberal states like California and New York of abortion on demand up until birth, a practice some believe has Nazi-like implications.  This view is so extreme that Hillary Clinton and others running on the democrat side never could have endorsed it even three years ago.  Today, it is policy for many democrats including the aforementioned Sanders and Warren.
What has allowed the radical left agenda to flourish is a sweeping change in the national media.  Reacting with rank hatred to the Trump administration, the press has now mainstreamed far left thought.  No longer is a zealot like Elizabeth Warren an outlier.  Nope, she’s presidential timber in many media precincts.
The uninformed and/or apathetic American picks up on this.  No longer are politicians who deny due process or advocate Constitutional violations even challenged.  Now they stand on debate stages smiling at press moderators who have no problem with their radicalism and even, in the case of late-term abortion, embrace it.
But it is the attitude of many regular folks, not the media, that is most worrisome.  The ignorance and apathy being documented in national polling is frightening.  The United States was founded on the philosophy that life and private property is sacrosanct and that an attack on the country where thousands of citizens die, is an act of war.
Apparently millions of us don’t get that.
Or don’t want those principles anymore.
Either way, we had better take notice.
Posted by Bill O’Reilly

Migrants Invade Mexico; Inching Closer To The Border, Liberal Media Continues It’s Outrage & an Interview With Diego Zuluaga

Hey, Premium Members welcome to the No Spin News. Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. Take your country back. So this is our last show. For the Thanksgiving break and I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll get to that in a little while.

On Friday we have a special. A No Spin News special on the media. I know I overdo it but if you care about the corruption in the media you want to watch it on on Friday. Tomorrow I’ll check in somewhat if something happens. We have posted my interview with Barack Obama last one I did Super Bowl interview. OK. To show you how you can be tough interviewing a president but not disrespectful. That entire interview is now posted on Anybody can watch it so if your friends aren’t paying Premium Members they want to see it they can just alert them that’s there. You might check it out let me know what you think. I took a lot of heat from the left on that interview. It’s really amusing now to see a guy like Acosta, who’s a far left guy and the left have no problem with him. You know the hypocrisy is just astounding.

Alright, the latest on a border, 10,000 migrants. Now I said to you that I didn’t think that. These people were going to get to our border in this number and they have and there’s two things in play.

The Mexican authorities are allowing it. Now they got trouble in Tijuana because their own people are rebelling but the Mexican government the Nieto he allowed it.

Why. I can only suspect and that there are there is millions and millions of dollars funding these migrants because they got on buses and trucks and cars in Mexico City and they drove. Now, there’s 10,000 of them. All right most of them in Tijuana. But about 3,000 in Mexicali which is also on the border in the Southern California district. OK.

So this information comes from the Department of Homeland Security and we have troops and we’re not going to let them in. I don’t think because as I have been reporting the goal here is to crash the U.S. immigration system entirely. Now I’m going to put up the graphic we put up yesterday because we have a little bit more information. The founders of this. This is coming out of Washington D.C. the National Immigration Forum overseeing the funding for the migrant movement. They work through two organizations in Chicago, Centro Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latina Unida. Anyway, there’s two Chicago operations that are the conduit so the money going to Pueblo Sans Fronteras there on the ground.

That last organization is based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

OK, so there’s the pipeline. George Soros absolutely involved. He gave 4.4 million dollars to the National Immigration Forum through the Open Society Foundation which is his crew, that was in 2009 to 2014 and I’m sure he’s given more money since then. All told Soros Open Society Foundation donated a 827 million dollars to far left people eight hundred twenty-seven million.

It’s staggering. And I think it’s going to be more than that when they total it all up. That’s what we have now. So, he, Soros you know you remember a couple weeks ago if you criticize him you’re anti-Semitic. All right well I just wrote a book called “Killing the SS” and if you call me anti-Semitic then you know you’ve got a defamation lawsuit on your hands and I get back out of my book. So anyway Soros and his crew I know are involved with this. It is just too coincidental. So there you have it. That’s what’s going on. It’s a well-organized crew based in Washington D.C. designed to crash the U.S. immigration law by ripping up the asylum programs and the mainstream media has ignored the story almost entirely because they sympathize with the open borders agenda.

The reportage has been horrible, awful. I don’t even bother anymore. Now on Monday Federal Judge John Tigar, part of the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco halted an order by President Trump that said you cannot apply for asylum in the USA unless you go to a port of entry.

Tigar said no 1964 law says you can if you’re a foreign national anywhere in the USA. Apply for asylum. And that’s true. That’s right. I mean the Ninth Circuit is a corrupt circuit. We all know that. But this ruling by Tigar is upholding what the law is and it’s just it is and the U.S.A. signed a U.N. treaty in 1951 saying the same thing. It’s still in effect. So anyway President Trump doesn’t like this at all this ruling and he said this go.

SOT- President Trump: Every case gets filed in the Ninth Circuit because they know that’s not law. That’s what this country stands for. Every case that gets filed in the Ninth Circuit we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the Supreme Court like the travel ban that we won the Ninth Circuit. We’re going to have to look at that.

Bill O’Reilly: So right after that Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court criticized President Trump saying we need an independent judiciary. OK. I want an independent judiciary but certainly, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is not independent.

It’s a political body. Now there are very fine judges and I know some of them on that court and there is disgusted as I am and as President Trump is now a way to get around this is to cite national security. Donald Trump is not going to win on the law. The law is on the side of the left wingers on the Ninth Circuit. The law says what it says you want to change it and it should be changed is obsolete. Change it. Congress has to do that.

But if Donald Trump wants to say 10,000 migrants massed on our border is a national security problem which is absolutely is. Then that’s how you get around the stated law. You say I’m suspending, I’d suspend all asylum applications if I were president for six months. Every one of them from anywhere in the world.

Because you can’t have an organized cabal trying to crash your law and just let it go.

So national security, Trump will win on that and as he went on the nations that he didn’t want to accept visas from he won, as we predicted he would. He’ll win on national security. You got the president’s got to be able to protect the country. It’s 10000 people down there right it’s already been like 500 arrests in Mexico for crimes committed by the migrants allegedly. Man, this is not. This is not what the press has portrayed it. You know a lot mostly men down there young men trying to get in here. All right.

So the smear du jour, the smear of the day against Donald Trump was that he somehow wanted to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton the New York Times of course. Of course, he wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey. Is this a big story? Oh, he should be impeached because he wanted to do that. Well, President can’t do it. OK. Prosecutors do it, Justice Department has done it based on evidence can’t just arrest somebody you evidence so he can say down from me and say I’d like to see you investigate call me and Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton further it’s not any big deal. He’s been saying that forever. But the New York Times headline this is the smear du jour. Yesterday it was Ivanka Trump.

All right. Every day I’ll give you the smeared as you’re on now tomorrow’s Thanksgiving nobody will even care about this because shogi Jamal shogi murdered by Saudi Arabia.

President Trump’s not going to take any action against that country making a mistake. I think it’s the same thing as Putin. Trump doesn’t want to blow up the Saudi relationship he didn’t want to blow up the Russian relationship and he knows Americans don’t care about Jamal Khashoggi and they don’t they don’t.

Nobody’s walking around except CNN and MSNBC going. Jamal shock nobody now. I told you this Saudi Arabia is a bad country guy rules it bad guy but they help the United States. What I would have done would be very clearly say I believe theU.S. intel when it implicates the Saudi government in this murder.

The president believes the U.S. into I’m going to warn Saudi Arabia that if there is another murder or human rights violation at that level I’m going to sanction you.

That’s tougher I understand why Trump doesn’t want to dismantle our best ally beside Israel in the Middle East a bulwark against Iran. I understand. And the greater good is served by having Saudi Arabia in our orbit. I feel very bad for Jamal Khashoggi and his family. He was murdered because the kingdom didn’t like him. So I think the president should be tougher on these things and take some of that ammunition away from his critics.

President Trump’s lawyers have said he has answered the questions from Robert Mueller in writing.

Apparently, the special prosecutor has those questions and answers. It’s going to be really interesting when that final report comes out.

All right. Thanksgiving is my informal take on Thanksgiving in the year 2000 80 America is still the greatest country on earth.

We have a very different president who has a very different approach to governing that has created a whole lot of hatred and a lot of controversies. That’s our democracy. That’s our republic. All right. People were fed up with standard politicians they elected Donald Trump. I think he’s doing the best he can do. Press Aide some Democrats Hatum far left hates him.

So we are all out of hatred.

Does it mean the country’s best means certain elements in the country are bad but not the country per se. The reason America is the greatest country on earth is because of opportunity. 10000 people in my caravan. Why are they there? They want opportunity.

There’s no opportunity in their country so they think here they know there’s opportunity. For 350 million people there is an opportunity to get a better life.

Saw I came from Levittown. I came from a very working-class home even though both my parents went to college. We had a working-class mentality and had a lot of money. OK. If you want to know about me a bold fresh piece of humanity is the book to pick up in my neighborhood. Most of my friends became cops or firefighters or teachers or physicians assistants some lawyers. But it was a standard issue working class. I broke out miracle bit with my personality miracle. OK. And I have achieved success now after that success was achieved. I was brutally attacked and I’ve absorbed the attacks is it the country’s fault. I was brutally attacked. Now country gave me an opportunity. I seized the opportunity. I have a nice car. I have two nice houses. I can send my kids to the best schools I can get the best doctors I have light years more than any of my ancestors ever had because of America. Because of this country. So I’m thankful that I am an American. I’ve been 85 countries. There’s not another place on earth that I would go if I had to move if I was deported. I go to Ireland or maybe Australia. OK but I don’t want to go anywhere. I like it here. I don’t believe in white supremacy. I don’t believe in white privilege. I think it’s a bunch of garbage put out by people who want to create a victim mentality for votes. I for twenty years plus if Fox News tried to maintain an objectivity toward liberal America that is gone because of the far left which attacked me and which I believe in doing grave damage. To the USA not liberals. Lots of liberal friends far left people I despise them and what they stand for. I despise what Bernie Sanders stands for Not him. He’s all right doddering guy what he stands for. I despise I don’t want the government seizing my property. All right right now theU.S. governments like this. It’s like this. They’re not the country that we elect them but we can replace them. Judges look like they’re getting better thanks. Donald Trump I don’t want judges making decisions based on their personal ideology. I’m sorry Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I don’t want it to Sotomayor. All right. I want you to look at the intent of the founding fathers. And then rule in that way get two new judges both of whom I believe will do that. That’s a big matter how much you may not like Donald Trump style those two judges going forward. The last line of defense against a secular socialist America which is what the far left wants on free to practice my religion. I’m free to bloviate to you I’m free to go out and have a good time as long as I obey the law.

I’m free. I wouldn’t be free in Venezuela or Cuba or China.

Or many of the European nations because I wouldn’t have the resources to do what I want because they take assets away.

The tradeoff is you get healthcare you get education they’ll bury you when you die but you’re taking your money away. I don’t want that. I want to earn my money honestly which I do spend it the way I want give it away. And which we absolutely have given millions and millions of dollars away. And that brings me to the last point on Thanksgiving. It’s not so much about me or you. It’s about what we can do to help our fellow.

What can we do to help.

So I drawn up a list as I always do around this time of year of donations are going to make to charities that I know are honest that I know help people you know independence when we’ve we’ve raised 30 million dollars for that because I know they’re honest I know they’re getting attract chairs for the severely wounded people. You’ve seen them on my program you know. All right. I give money to Haitian health foundation. Why would I do that. Because those people are so desperate. Those Haitians it’s such a corrupt country. This is an American run charity that guys go over there and fix the teeth of little kids teeth are falling out. And adults I know that the way that those guys are going to use that money fix for the kids I give money to a Tijuana charity based in San Diego because they help kids who live in garbage dumps. And I know the people there and I know what they do. So I do what I can do. All right. And I’m thinking about it and thinking about it how can I help. All right I’m a fierce warrior around. OK. In order to protect my family I had to pull back on some things and I don’t regret it. All right down the road there might be a reckoning. In this case it’s not about me attacking it’s about me helping because that’s what Thanksgiving should be all about. So the Indians in Massachusetts they helped the Puritans who came over who needed help badly. Namadgi coming over from England in Massachusetts. And there’s nothing there but trees. And swaps and the Indians help me out. I didn’t realize weren’t really well treated after the fact but they helped them out. And everybody gave thanks you know that they at least were alive and they could start a new life which they did. So Ana sinks giving what I like to do is to have a nice meal and fun. Avoid any political discussions with people who you may disagree with. That doesn’t go anywhere. You’re not going to convince anybody. If you want to throw a fact or two out that’s OK but then you smile and laugh. All right have a good time. Relax take four days off. Take a deep breath walk around a little bit to have some fun but always think how can I help.

What can I do in every town in every county? Do people who really need help and you can do it.

You can help them. That’s my message for Thanksgiving.

All right. I’m going I’m going I tell you about a very worthy organization that you might want to check out and then I’m going to come back with some out role as everybody knows AARP is well known you may even be a member.

The mail, Raymond, Message Board: I believe President Trump can close our border for national security at any time and no judge can stop him.

Bill O’Reilly: You’re right Raymond. And you wrote this before my analysis. Good for you.

David, Message Board: Please clarify the San Francisco judge said Trump cannot deny anyone seeking asylum. But I thought the criteria actually granting asylum depended on the persecution of some sort.

Bill O’Reilly: Yes but you have to petition first and then your case is heard in three years. If the migrants get in, it would be five years. That’s what the far left wants to crash the system. So none. No asylum cases could really be heard. In the meantime you’re in the wind you’re in the U.S. but yes you first apply, then you have to persuade.

Edward, Connecticut: In regards to the funding of the caravan are there any laws broken?

Bill O’Reilly: Not as we can see because it’s all taking place in Honduras Central America and Mexico. And you know the charities that are supporting the migrants are legitimate charities. So I don’t see any lawbreaking but certainly, it’s nefarious. They’re keeping it a secret as they can end up going on TV going Yeah we’re funding this.

Jorge, Mexico: I’m reading a series of articles about the rise of China printed by The New York Times and how it’s surpassing the USA what’s your take?

Bill O’Reilly: Jorge, I don’t read the New York Times. I do not believe what they put forth. China a billion and a half people. We have 350 million. They outnumber us almost five to one. Big economic engine. But the communists are impeding it. Big trouble in a lot of the provinces of China. I think we are more powerful militarily than the Chinese. Our technology is better. We have more resources than they do and they don’t have the hearts and minds of the folks. So I do not believe the Chinese are surpassing the USA but I’m sure the New York Times would like you to believe it, Jorge.

Donna, New York: There have been many anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn College and other schools that are part of the New York state system. Complaints fell on deaf ears of the administration. So I’d like to correct your statement Bill concerning that professor from Rutgers. Not being called out for his remarks.

Bill O’Reilly: OK. If you know Donna of any anti-Semitic posting uttering anything like that by a professor paid by the state of New York forwarded to me, please. So anti-Semitism should not ever be tolerated. Nor should antiblack sentiment or anti-Muslim or anti-white sentiment. Nothing like that. No demonizing of ethnic groups. Or religious groups but send it to me, if you’ve got it.

Lisa, Texas: Mr. Bill, I enjoy your program because it gets right to the truth. Cuts down on time I have to spend to be informed. Would you clarify the Prison Reform Bill?

Bill O’Reilly: Lisa, I’ll do that in another broadcast but I will just tell you that there is a movement to give people lighter sentences who don’t commit actual violence like punching you or shooting you or stabbing you. So that’s what we have in our federal prisons and state prisons. Very strong sentences against drug dealers who were not convicted of doing that. They only convicted of selling heroin and fentanyl, and crack cocaine which of course can kill you easily and is much much worse than getting stabbed in the arm. This is misguided. This whole prison reform thing but I’ll get into it in a bigger way down the road.

Connie, Colorado: is not a small news organization as you said you said. You are a radio free Europe for us. You are all patriots in our eyes. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill O’Reilly: Well, thank you very much. That’s so nice Connie. I appreciate that. Right back to you.

Bruce, Delray Beach, Florida: Nice town, Bruce. I go down there every winter. Depressing to finish one of your books, Bill. I finished “Killing the SS.” Now anything I start reading is boring. Please write faster.

Bill O’Reilly: “Killing the SS” number one book on Sunday in the New York Times. I don’t even read that I have somebody cut it out for me.

Audio, “Killing the SS” number one “Killing Patton” paperback, not number one should be that’s out, OK.

Listen up. You can win the entire 8 books series. Each book signed by me along with a Lifetime Premium Membership to If you write an essay and I think it’s the best one, a hundred words just a hundred why you are thankful to be an American, all right? Get it into us by Sunday. We’ll go through them. Monday, I will announce the winner.

One essay. 100 words. Why I’m thankful to be an American. And you win all of that. It’s a good exercise anyway.

Hanukkah is early by the way. Christmas coming up. If you buy any signed book will give you a three-month Premium Membership gift certificate would you give as a gift, obviously? Gift certificate gift thanks, Bill. Any signed book gets that. “Old School,” signed copies we’re giving them away actually giving them away to you. So check that out.

O’Reilly’s mystery box. I really don’t know what that is but they say people love it. Check it out and we get all kinds of concierge members.

If you don’t take your discounts. Now for the Christmas, Hanukkah season I mean look just the mat. We say Merry Christmas. I mean we’re just giving it away to you. And check out Concierge Membership by the way you like it. OK, so that’s it. We’ll get No Spin elves standing by all through the weekend. We hope you take advantage of it helps us, helps you, keeps you out of the mall where there zombies are going crazy.

Word of the day we’re writing to do not be a verecund.

Great word. Do not be a verecund. So look. Have a nice Thanksgiving. OK promise? I hope you do. We really appreciate you guys, you’re the vanguard of our whole movement here. We’re doing very well thanks to you. We will see you on Monday. But check in because I’ll be floating tweets and all kinds of stuff. If you’re not on my Twitter ban sign up for that. But I’ll be checking in all weekend long. All right. Have a great one.