Migrants Invade Mexico; Inching Closer To The Border, Liberal Media Continues It’s Outrage & an Interview With Diego Zuluaga

Hey, BillOReilly.com Premium Members welcome to the No Spin News. Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. Take your country back. So this is our last show. For the Thanksgiving break and I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll get to that in a little while.

On Friday we have a special. A No Spin News special on the media. I know I overdo it but if you care about the corruption in the media you want to watch it on on Friday. Tomorrow I’ll check in somewhat if something happens. We have posted my interview with Barack Obama last one I did Super Bowl interview. OK. To show you how you can be tough interviewing a president but not disrespectful. That entire interview is now posted on BillOReilly.com. Anybody can watch it so if your friends aren’t paying Premium Members they want to see it they can just alert them that’s there. You might check it out let me know what you think. I took a lot of heat from the left on that interview. It’s really amusing now to see a guy like Acosta, who’s a far left guy and the left have no problem with him. You know the hypocrisy is just astounding.

Alright, the latest on a border, 10,000 migrants. Now I said to you that I didn’t think that. These people were going to get to our border in this number and they have and there’s two things in play.

The Mexican authorities are allowing it. Now they got trouble in Tijuana because their own people are rebelling but the Mexican government the Nieto he allowed it.

Why. I can only suspect and that there are there is millions and millions of dollars funding these migrants because they got on buses and trucks and cars in Mexico City and they drove. Now, there’s 10,000 of them. All right most of them in Tijuana. But about 3,000 in Mexicali which is also on the border in the Southern California district. OK.

So this information comes from the Department of Homeland Security and we have troops and we’re not going to let them in. I don’t think because as I have been reporting the goal here is to crash the U.S. immigration system entirely. Now I’m going to put up the graphic we put up yesterday because we have a little bit more information. The founders of this. This is coming out of Washington D.C. the National Immigration Forum overseeing the funding for the migrant movement. They work through two organizations in Chicago, Centro Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latina Unida. Anyway, there’s two Chicago operations that are the conduit so the money going to Pueblo Sans Fronteras there on the ground.

That last organization is based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

OK, so there’s the pipeline. George Soros absolutely involved. He gave 4.4 million dollars to the National Immigration Forum through the Open Society Foundation which is his crew, that was in 2009 to 2014 and I’m sure he’s given more money since then. All told Soros Open Society Foundation donated a 827 million dollars to far left people eight hundred twenty-seven million.

It’s staggering. And I think it’s going to be more than that when they total it all up. That’s what we have now. So, he, Soros you know you remember a couple weeks ago if you criticize him you’re anti-Semitic. All right well I just wrote a book called “Killing the SS” and if you call me anti-Semitic then you know you’ve got a defamation lawsuit on your hands and I get back out of my book. So anyway Soros and his crew I know are involved with this. It is just too coincidental. So there you have it. That’s what’s going on. It’s a well-organized crew based in Washington D.C. designed to crash the U.S. immigration law by ripping up the asylum programs and the mainstream media has ignored the story almost entirely because they sympathize with the open borders agenda.

The reportage has been horrible, awful. I don’t even bother anymore. Now on Monday Federal Judge John Tigar, part of the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco halted an order by President Trump that said you cannot apply for asylum in the USA unless you go to a port of entry.

Tigar said no 1964 law says you can if you’re a foreign national anywhere in the USA. Apply for asylum. And that’s true. That’s right. I mean the Ninth Circuit is a corrupt circuit. We all know that. But this ruling by Tigar is upholding what the law is and it’s just it is and the U.S.A. signed a U.N. treaty in 1951 saying the same thing. It’s still in effect. So anyway President Trump doesn’t like this at all this ruling and he said this go.

SOT- President Trump: Every case gets filed in the Ninth Circuit because they know that’s not law. That’s what this country stands for. Every case that gets filed in the Ninth Circuit we get beaten and then we end up having to go to the Supreme Court like the travel ban that we won the Ninth Circuit. We’re going to have to look at that.

Bill O’Reilly: So right after that Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court criticized President Trump saying we need an independent judiciary. OK. I want an independent judiciary but certainly, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is not independent.

It’s a political body. Now there are very fine judges and I know some of them on that court and there is disgusted as I am and as President Trump is now a way to get around this is to cite national security. Donald Trump is not going to win on the law. The law is on the side of the left wingers on the Ninth Circuit. The law says what it says you want to change it and it should be changed is obsolete. Change it. Congress has to do that.

But if Donald Trump wants to say 10,000 migrants massed on our border is a national security problem which is absolutely is. Then that’s how you get around the stated law. You say I’m suspending, I’d suspend all asylum applications if I were president for six months. Every one of them from anywhere in the world.

Because you can’t have an organized cabal trying to crash your law and just let it go.

So national security, Trump will win on that and as he went on the nations that he didn’t want to accept visas from he won, as we predicted he would. He’ll win on national security. You got the president’s got to be able to protect the country. It’s 10000 people down there right it’s already been like 500 arrests in Mexico for crimes committed by the migrants allegedly. Man, this is not. This is not what the press has portrayed it. You know a lot mostly men down there young men trying to get in here. All right.

So the smear du jour, the smear of the day against Donald Trump was that he somehow wanted to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton the New York Times of course. Of course, he wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey. Is this a big story? Oh, he should be impeached because he wanted to do that. Well, President can’t do it. OK. Prosecutors do it, Justice Department has done it based on evidence can’t just arrest somebody you evidence so he can say down from me and say I’d like to see you investigate call me and Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton further it’s not any big deal. He’s been saying that forever. But the New York Times headline this is the smear du jour. Yesterday it was Ivanka Trump.

All right. Every day I’ll give you the smeared as you’re on now tomorrow’s Thanksgiving nobody will even care about this because shogi Jamal shogi murdered by Saudi Arabia.

President Trump’s not going to take any action against that country making a mistake. I think it’s the same thing as Putin. Trump doesn’t want to blow up the Saudi relationship he didn’t want to blow up the Russian relationship and he knows Americans don’t care about Jamal Khashoggi and they don’t they don’t.

Nobody’s walking around except CNN and MSNBC going. Jamal shock nobody now. I told you this Saudi Arabia is a bad country guy rules it bad guy but they help the United States. What I would have done would be very clearly say I believe theU.S. intel when it implicates the Saudi government in this murder.

The president believes the U.S. into I’m going to warn Saudi Arabia that if there is another murder or human rights violation at that level I’m going to sanction you.

That’s tougher I understand why Trump doesn’t want to dismantle our best ally beside Israel in the Middle East a bulwark against Iran. I understand. And the greater good is served by having Saudi Arabia in our orbit. I feel very bad for Jamal Khashoggi and his family. He was murdered because the kingdom didn’t like him. So I think the president should be tougher on these things and take some of that ammunition away from his critics.

President Trump’s lawyers have said he has answered the questions from Robert Mueller in writing.

Apparently, the special prosecutor has those questions and answers. It’s going to be really interesting when that final report comes out.

All right. Thanksgiving is my informal take on Thanksgiving in the year 2000 80 America is still the greatest country on earth.

We have a very different president who has a very different approach to governing that has created a whole lot of hatred and a lot of controversies. That’s our democracy. That’s our republic. All right. People were fed up with standard politicians they elected Donald Trump. I think he’s doing the best he can do. Press Aide some Democrats Hatum far left hates him.

So we are all out of hatred.

Does it mean the country’s best means certain elements in the country are bad but not the country per se. The reason America is the greatest country on earth is because of opportunity. 10000 people in my caravan. Why are they there? They want opportunity.

There’s no opportunity in their country so they think here they know there’s opportunity. For 350 million people there is an opportunity to get a better life.

Saw I came from Levittown. I came from a very working-class home even though both my parents went to college. We had a working-class mentality and had a lot of money. OK. If you want to know about me a bold fresh piece of humanity is the book to pick up in my neighborhood. Most of my friends became cops or firefighters or teachers or physicians assistants some lawyers. But it was a standard issue working class. I broke out miracle bit with my personality miracle. OK. And I have achieved success now after that success was achieved. I was brutally attacked and I’ve absorbed the attacks is it the country’s fault. I was brutally attacked. Now country gave me an opportunity. I seized the opportunity. I have a nice car. I have two nice houses. I can send my kids to the best schools I can get the best doctors I have light years more than any of my ancestors ever had because of America. Because of this country. So I’m thankful that I am an American. I’ve been 85 countries. There’s not another place on earth that I would go if I had to move if I was deported. I go to Ireland or maybe Australia. OK but I don’t want to go anywhere. I like it here. I don’t believe in white supremacy. I don’t believe in white privilege. I think it’s a bunch of garbage put out by people who want to create a victim mentality for votes. I for twenty years plus if Fox News tried to maintain an objectivity toward liberal America that is gone because of the far left which attacked me and which I believe in doing grave damage. To the USA not liberals. Lots of liberal friends far left people I despise them and what they stand for. I despise what Bernie Sanders stands for Not him. He’s all right doddering guy what he stands for. I despise I don’t want the government seizing my property. All right right now theU.S. governments like this. It’s like this. They’re not the country that we elect them but we can replace them. Judges look like they’re getting better thanks. Donald Trump I don’t want judges making decisions based on their personal ideology. I’m sorry Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I don’t want it to Sotomayor. All right. I want you to look at the intent of the founding fathers. And then rule in that way get two new judges both of whom I believe will do that. That’s a big matter how much you may not like Donald Trump style those two judges going forward. The last line of defense against a secular socialist America which is what the far left wants on free to practice my religion. I’m free to bloviate to you I’m free to go out and have a good time as long as I obey the law.

I’m free. I wouldn’t be free in Venezuela or Cuba or China.

Or many of the European nations because I wouldn’t have the resources to do what I want because they take assets away.

The tradeoff is you get healthcare you get education they’ll bury you when you die but you’re taking your money away. I don’t want that. I want to earn my money honestly which I do spend it the way I want give it away. And which we absolutely have given millions and millions of dollars away. And that brings me to the last point on Thanksgiving. It’s not so much about me or you. It’s about what we can do to help our fellow.

What can we do to help.

So I drawn up a list as I always do around this time of year of donations are going to make to charities that I know are honest that I know help people you know independence when we’ve we’ve raised 30 million dollars for that because I know they’re honest I know they’re getting attract chairs for the severely wounded people. You’ve seen them on my program you know. All right. I give money to Haitian health foundation. Why would I do that. Because those people are so desperate. Those Haitians it’s such a corrupt country. This is an American run charity that guys go over there and fix the teeth of little kids teeth are falling out. And adults I know that the way that those guys are going to use that money fix for the kids I give money to a Tijuana charity based in San Diego because they help kids who live in garbage dumps. And I know the people there and I know what they do. So I do what I can do. All right. And I’m thinking about it and thinking about it how can I help. All right I’m a fierce warrior around. OK. In order to protect my family I had to pull back on some things and I don’t regret it. All right down the road there might be a reckoning. In this case it’s not about me attacking it’s about me helping because that’s what Thanksgiving should be all about. So the Indians in Massachusetts they helped the Puritans who came over who needed help badly. Namadgi coming over from England in Massachusetts. And there’s nothing there but trees. And swaps and the Indians help me out. I didn’t realize weren’t really well treated after the fact but they helped them out. And everybody gave thanks you know that they at least were alive and they could start a new life which they did. So Ana sinks giving what I like to do is to have a nice meal and fun. Avoid any political discussions with people who you may disagree with. That doesn’t go anywhere. You’re not going to convince anybody. If you want to throw a fact or two out that’s OK but then you smile and laugh. All right have a good time. Relax take four days off. Take a deep breath walk around a little bit to have some fun but always think how can I help.

What can I do in every town in every county? Do people who really need help and you can do it.

You can help them. That’s my message for Thanksgiving.

All right. I’m going I’m going I tell you about a very worthy organization that you might want to check out and then I’m going to come back with some out role as everybody knows AARP is well known you may even be a member.

The mail, Raymond, Message Board: I believe President Trump can close our border for national security at any time and no judge can stop him.

Bill O’Reilly: You’re right Raymond. And you wrote this before my analysis. Good for you.

David, Message Board: Please clarify the San Francisco judge said Trump cannot deny anyone seeking asylum. But I thought the criteria actually granting asylum depended on the persecution of some sort.

Bill O’Reilly: Yes but you have to petition first and then your case is heard in three years. If the migrants get in, it would be five years. That’s what the far left wants to crash the system. So none. No asylum cases could really be heard. In the meantime you’re in the wind you’re in the U.S. but yes you first apply, then you have to persuade.

Edward, Connecticut: In regards to the funding of the caravan are there any laws broken?

Bill O’Reilly: Not as we can see because it’s all taking place in Honduras Central America and Mexico. And you know the charities that are supporting the migrants are legitimate charities. So I don’t see any lawbreaking but certainly, it’s nefarious. They’re keeping it a secret as they can end up going on TV going Yeah we’re funding this.

Jorge, Mexico: I’m reading a series of articles about the rise of China printed by The New York Times and how it’s surpassing the USA what’s your take?

Bill O’Reilly: Jorge, I don’t read the New York Times. I do not believe what they put forth. China a billion and a half people. We have 350 million. They outnumber us almost five to one. Big economic engine. But the communists are impeding it. Big trouble in a lot of the provinces of China. I think we are more powerful militarily than the Chinese. Our technology is better. We have more resources than they do and they don’t have the hearts and minds of the folks. So I do not believe the Chinese are surpassing the USA but I’m sure the New York Times would like you to believe it, Jorge.

Donna, New York: There have been many anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn College and other schools that are part of the New York state system. Complaints fell on deaf ears of the administration. So I’d like to correct your statement Bill concerning that professor from Rutgers. Not being called out for his remarks.

Bill O’Reilly: OK. If you know Donna of any anti-Semitic posting uttering anything like that by a professor paid by the state of New York forwarded to me, please. So anti-Semitism should not ever be tolerated. Nor should antiblack sentiment or anti-Muslim or anti-white sentiment. Nothing like that. No demonizing of ethnic groups. Or religious groups but send it to me, if you’ve got it.

Lisa, Texas: Mr. Bill, I enjoy your program because it gets right to the truth. Cuts down on time I have to spend to be informed. Would you clarify the Prison Reform Bill?

Bill O’Reilly: Lisa, I’ll do that in another broadcast but I will just tell you that there is a movement to give people lighter sentences who don’t commit actual violence like punching you or shooting you or stabbing you. So that’s what we have in our federal prisons and state prisons. Very strong sentences against drug dealers who were not convicted of doing that. They only convicted of selling heroin and fentanyl, and crack cocaine which of course can kill you easily and is much much worse than getting stabbed in the arm. This is misguided. This whole prison reform thing but I’ll get into it in a bigger way down the road.

Connie, Colorado: BillOReilly.com is not a small news organization as you said you said. You are a radio free Europe for us. You are all patriots in our eyes. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill O’Reilly: Well, thank you very much. That’s so nice Connie. I appreciate that. Right back to you.

Bruce, Delray Beach, Florida: Nice town, Bruce. I go down there every winter. Depressing to finish one of your books, Bill. I finished “Killing the SS.” Now anything I start reading is boring. Please write faster.

Bill O’Reilly: “Killing the SS” number one book on Sunday in the New York Times. I don’t even read that I have somebody cut it out for me.

Audio, “Killing the SS” number one “Killing Patton” paperback, not number one should be that’s out, OK.

Listen up. You can win the entire 8 books series. Each book signed by me along with a Lifetime Premium Membership to BillOreilly.com. If you write an essay and I think it’s the best one, a hundred words just a hundred why you are thankful to be an American, all right? Get it into us by Sunday. We’ll go through them. Monday, I will announce the winner.

One essay. 100 words. Why I’m thankful to be an American. And you win all of that. It’s a good exercise anyway.

Hanukkah is early by the way. Christmas coming up. If you buy any signed book will give you a three-month Premium Membership gift certificate would you give as a gift, obviously? Gift certificate gift thanks, Bill. Any signed book gets that. “Old School,” signed copies we’re giving them away actually giving them away to you. So check that out.

O’Reilly’s mystery box. I really don’t know what that is but they say people love it. Check it out and we get all kinds of concierge members.

If you don’t take your discounts. Now for the Christmas, Hanukkah season I mean look just the mat. We say Merry Christmas. I mean we’re just giving it away to you. And check out Concierge Membership by the way you like it. OK, so that’s it. We’ll get No Spin elves standing by all through the weekend. We hope you take advantage of it helps us, helps you, keeps you out of the mall where there zombies are going crazy.

Word of the day we’re writing to BillOReilly.com do not be a verecund.

Great word. Do not be a verecund. So look. Have a nice Thanksgiving. OK promise? I hope you do. We really appreciate you guys, you’re the vanguard of our whole movement here. We’re doing very well thanks to you. We will see you on Monday. But check in because I’ll be floating tweets and all kinds of stuff. If you’re not on my Twitter ban sign up for that. But I’ll be checking in all weekend long. All right. Have a great one.

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