Donald J Trump, my point of view

Donald J Trump is the most conservative president that we have had in recent history.

Trump is a “Common Sense” conservative, not an ideological one. He is the most effective anti liberal in a whole generation.

He hasn’t been like that always, he was a Democrat.

Bush’s failure to win in Iraq and Afghanistan and Obama’s disastrous foreign policy


Max Boot: “I rather vote for Joseph Stalin than Donald Trump” Wow a well recognized historian saying that it would be better to have a /president that killed ore than 30 million people than a NY businessman that wants to do something good for his country.

Every time you turnaround, he is instinctively saying something that drives the left crazy” Newt Gingrich


DJT: ‘Watching Obama drove him to the Right.


10 names of nominees to the Supreme Court

he is not afraid to take on the establishment

like Jacksion








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